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The Benefits of Essay Samples

The Benefits of Essay Samples

Remember the first time your parents showed you how to tie your shoes? You can thank your mirror neurons for that new skill! According to proven scientific studies, humans use their mirror neurons to learn a new process. Mirror neurons allow a person to replicate the action done by another being so as to learn and reenact the process whenever necessary. So what do these neurons have to do with essay writing?

Well, good essay examples allow a student to get an idea of what they need to do in their writing so as to receive a fantastic grade. When a student looks at the structure of the content as well as how each particular element is presented, it gives them a solid foundation on which they can build off. Of course, with the incredibly large amount of writing that is available, college essay samples will be grand in size as well! Since there are many different types of themes, it is crucial for one to understand that using college essay examples will help them produce their work.

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What is a Good Essay Example?

Every type of composition possesses a unique essay writing style. For example, there is not a single correct way to write a college admission essay, but studies show that the Intro–Body–Conclusion format is the most comprehensible. When many of the great minds came together in the form of writing, a pattern was decrypted within the mix of their works, and this pattern is the one that most talented students tend to follow. Most successful college application essay samples show us features that can be observed in every example. These are things such as a spicy hook statement, the "showing rather than saying" element, and a good rhythm within the content. So if you need to see some text for reference before commencing your own, look at some of these successful application essay examples. These are considered to be the best illustrations of essay examples for college acceptance, and the students that wrote them were free to choose their pick from several top universities.

Essay Samples Benefits

Topic Examples for:

Argumentative Essay

  • Does the value of a college education outweigh the costs?
  • Will legalizing medicinal marijuana bring the supposed benefits presented?
  • Should the death penalty still be in existence?

Compare and Contrast Essay

  • Compare and contrast the overall qualities of Communism vs. Capitalism.
  • Compare and contrast nuclear and solar power.
  • Present the pros and cons of both Apple and Microsoft. Then come up with an overall conclusion about which one is better in which circumstances.

Cause and Effect Essay

  • Does social media improve people's real word social skills?
  • Can emotional struggles negatively impact a person's immune system?
  • Do exercise and physical exertion of energy increase brainpower?

Process Essay

  • How to master the free throw
  • How to get an A in any class debunked
  • How to make a hit-song

Personal Essay

  • Talk about a time that required you to overcome an intimidating challenge.
  • Describe a situation in which you assertively decided to become a leader. What was the situation and how did you present yourself?
  • Describe an experience that considerably impacted your view on a particular idea or belief. What was the experience and how did it impact you?

How To Use Essay Outline Samples

Essay examples allow the student to see how a writer combines theory and application. They do this by taking a formatting instruction and applying it to their essay writing. So when we look at 5 paragraph essay samples, we can see the implementation of each instruction. It works as plug and chug type of system; you take the segment, comprehend its purpose within the text, and type away!


  • Hook Statement (Grab attention of audiences)
  • Trailer Section (Brief introduction of central arguments)
  • Thesis Statement (Sentence that presents the point/value of your entire essay)

Body Paragraph's (Same Outline for all)

  • Topic Sentence (Main idea of paragraph)
  • Claim (Presenting the argument)
  • Evidence (Providing proof that gives the argument validity)
  • Explanation (Connect the claim with the evidence and provide overall significance)


  • Restatement of thesis (Confident paraphrasing of thesis statement)
  • Confirmation (Brief re-statement of argument validity)
  • Overall Conclusion (Present a compelling conclusion to your work and make sure to call to action)

Most persuasive essay samples, compare and contrast essay samples, TOEFL essay samples, SAT essay samples, and many others are written within this same framework!

Without further ado, here are some specific essay writing examples that will help you format your writing and earn a strong grade!

The writer presents their statement and follows it with proof within the body paragraphs. Each topic sentence in the body paragraph has a direct route; the first is a psychological state, the second refers towards love and romance, and the third towards nature. Then each topic sentence is dove into and provides elaborate explanations of each idea. Lastly, they restate their thesis statement and go through each argument in the conclusion. Overall, the text flows well and is easy on the eyes. The article also has proper MLA formatting!

College Admission Essay Sample

Download College Admission Essay Sample

This student took the hint from other successful college admission essay examples and wisely decided to use one of the standard prompts. She explored the concept of overcoming challenges in her essay writing by expressing her difficulties with gender inequality. She goes in depth as to why there were such harsh problems in her life as well as the steps she took to overcome her difficulties. Admission officers want to see a portrayal of action over just pure lip service, and this writer showed that!

Need More Writing Help Than Just Essay Samples?

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