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6 Examples Of College Admission Essays Topics NOT To Write About

6 Examples Of College Admission Essays Topics  NOT To Write About

A college admission essay is a scholarly piece of writing that allows students to express their arguments on a particular subject before joining college. The application essay helps in choosing exemplary students, especially in US colleges. So, it must be well written and supported with logical arguments. Choosing a topic can be a daunting task and some of them will result in college boards losing interest in you. Here are six examples of topics that you should avoid when writing a college application essay.

Service projects and voluntary work experiences

As its name suggests, this is a topic that revolves about how you had a great experience helping other people. But this is a topic that you must avoid. Almost every student has encountered the same experience. Remember, the College Board is in dire need of knowing your personal qualities, gifts and accomplishments. Their aim is to distinguish you from the rest of students. The problem with this topic is because it only shows your character and personality.

Family backgrounds and experiences

It is good to be enthusiastic about your family, and it's background since it gave you a good foundation to become who you are. However, this is one of the most popular topics that many students write about, so there is nothing important about it. Yes, you can have a wonderful family with a particular passion and you can show your potential but, the college is only interested in your personal talents and capabilities and not what your parents have achieved.

Topics that show how you overcame a hardship

Colleges get all manner of college admission essays from applicants and there is a high chance that most of the applicants have experienced hardships in life. So, explaining how you were able to deal with such problems e.g. overcoming a car accident, parental abuse, poverty or illnesses has nothing to do with the college. Remember, this was not an accomplishment but a special privilege that happened to you without your desire and says nothing about your efforts. However, it’s not a bad thing to briefly mention, as it can potentially show your character strength.

Talking about current national issues

A college is more interested in knowing you more as opposed to what you know about the state affairs. So, don’t write about hurricanes or a great standoff from government workers. Since these are hot topics, many people will write about them and all this College admission essays will be invalidated. To be safe, write about a topic that connects well with you as an individual.

Premier League and sports topic

Students who love soccer will find themselves writing about how a particular game was won or will simply talk about current sports highlights. However, what you are studying may not be related to sport and how the teams are faring will have no attachment to your education. Writing about extracurricular activities is often welcomed, however, the focus shouldn’t lie on it, as it is only vaguely connected to your goals and educational growth.

Topics that try to regard you as a hero with no evidence

A hero is a person who has done something that is hard for others to do. However, students who write about this topic will just do it for the sake of writing without showing how special they are. It is advisable to avoid this topic if you have never accomplished something special. It is good if you have the desire to do so, but you are yet to take that trophy.

College Admission Essays Topics  NOT To Write About


College admission essays should make you stand out from the rest of the students applying for the same vacancy in school. As you can see above, talking about what you have accomplished in good faith will put you on the map. Authenticity is the key. However, avoid complicated jargons e.g. programming terms. Just be simple, brief and straight to the point. Your essay should also be long enough to cover your topic. You can even seek the help of professional writing service company to suggest you proper topics for you.

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Although this article does state some valid points, as an essay writer of many admission essays, I must disagree. You can write about any of the topics above as long as you’re not cliche and your writing isn’t bland. If you fill your admissions essay with sensory details that show you in a good light, then your acceptance is guaranteed. The key to writing an admissions essay that is truly good is to make it as personal as possible. If the thing you’re passionate most about is soccer, then write about it, and if family history means a lot to you, then it should definitely be a part of your admissions essay. Be memorable and unique; remember, as long as the spotlight is on you and the essay represents who you are, then by no means get creative! Don’t let restrictions stop you from writing about something that makes you who you are.

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Need Some Topic Validation

So you have read the article but still, have not confirmed the validity of your topic? This is a common problem and one that can be solved by our experts! Not all admission essay topics are as clever as you might imagine, so sometimes it is helpful to get your subject matter proofread by an experienced professional. If you are a drawing a blank and do not even know what admission essay topic to offer, let one of our essay writers take care of the process for you. For a super fair price, you will have a professionally written admission paper ready to send out to the college of your dreams

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