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Dr. Rosemary Dr. Rosemary
A client-oriented writer who focuses on quality.
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My essay writing services aim to assist students with strict deadlines to be able to work out on their assignments and get good grades. With this focus, I have been able to give all my tasks appropriate urgency they require. I have helped students that attend online classes, and they always score the best grades. I have been working on this for five years now. All my clients get 1010 papers unique with originality and quality. I have diverse professional experience in various fields that spans different subjects including History, Biology, Accounting, Finance, Economics, Marketing, English Literature, and Psychology among others. In a broader prospect, I have exceptional abilities that have helped me to meet the different needs of clients.

Despite that it is almost impossible to master everything as an individual, I have a dynamic range of materials that I use as references to ensure I deliver quality papers for my clients. To enhance my research, I have a broad spectrum of books, journals, and other reliable research materials. Also, my reference materials are up to date, not older than five years. These materials, plus the many years of experience, not only in writing but also as academic university staff, have helped me deliver quality papers within the agreed deadline. Besides, I consider all my work to be significant and uphold a high sense of academic honesty and originality. For this same reason, I ensure that all my work is 100% unique and free from any form of plagiarism. I pass all assignments through Turnitin as well as plagiarism search to ensure it is unique.

To enhance my competence, I research secondary sources; scholarly articles, publications, journals, and organizational reports. The latter involved using the search engine to access documents, reports, strategic analytical papers and books, reading and delivering essential information and data. I am well versed in all forms and styles of writing; APA, MLA, Harvard, and Chicago/Turabian among others. I am a perfectionist in Data research and analysis. I acquired these skills while working in different positions as a data analyst, a statistician, and a financial officer. A collection of information is a principal function that makes it possible to make strategic improvements, to boost decision-making, and to manage the operation of activities and professional undertakings.

I am open to discussions 247 in the event of up-to-the-minute development on a new or work in progress order. I work towards satisfying the needs of my client, and if the customer needs any adjustments made on the delivered paper, am willingly available to do it. I assure elasticity, reliability and on-time adjustment to instructions from my buyer. I am dedicated to offering you the best projects; above all; I value efficient and first-class communication relation with the aim of building trust with my client. I offer free services in the case of any revision required by my client. The cover page and the reference page with an unlimited source and In-text citations are also free of charge.

Hire me if you want the best writer so that you can get the best grade!

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Customer reviews (179)

Customer 253222
2 weeks ago
Essay 533327 on Essay (any type)

Customer 184295
1 months ago
Essay 493015 on Essay (any type)

Great job on my paper!

Customer 249900
1 months ago
Essay 525422 on Book / Movie Review

Customer 247887
1 months ago
Essay 520492 on Essay (any type)

Customer 207368
1 months ago
Essay 423720 on Research Paper

took her forever to actually listen to my instructions. I had to keep reminding her of every little thing. First draft was terrible and barley met the deadline. would not use her again

Customer 238572
1 months ago
Essay 491994 on Essay (any type)

Refused to revise it after she didn’t follow the directions I have. Now I have to make changes because she won’t. Waste of money

Customer 121399
2 months ago
Essay 476536 on Essay (any type)

Customer 230897
2 months ago
Essay 492915 on Biology Assignment

excellent writer

Customer 228577
2 months ago
Essay 479079 on Essay (any type)

Customer 238781
2 months ago
Essay 492543 on Other

Customer 238936
2 months ago
Essay 493000 on Essay (any type)

Customer 238062
2 months ago
Essay 490215 on Essay (any type)

Dr Rosemary did a wonderful job of hitting my deadline and with the substance of the paper.

Customer 234103
2 months ago
Essay 478760 on Other Assignment

Thank you Dr. Rosemary amazing paper.

Customer 147644
2 months ago
Essay 479463 on Homework Assignment (Any Type)

Customer 235170
2 months ago
Essay 481780 on Essay (any type)

Customer 234769
2 months ago
Essay 480636 on Research Proposal


Customer 46458
2 months ago
Essay 479055 on Critical Thinking / Review

Not followed by instruction

Customer 227759
2 months ago
Essay 478717 on Essay (any type)

Customer 224430
2 months ago
Essay 468654 on Other


Customer 170340
2 months ago
Essay 478748 on Homework Assignment (Any Type)