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Who are the EssayPro’s writers?

Written by Amanda Clark
Updated today

Here at EssayPro, we believe that quality trumps quantity every single time. Across our 20 years of experience, we've always endeavored to seek out the very best of the best when it comes to our writers; it's a significant factor as to why our writing services stand head and shoulders above the competition. While other essay writing services in Australia are happy to take on new freelancers, we insist that our paper writers have obtained a Ph.D. before we even consider employing them. It doesn't stop there, either. If they want to be part of our team, all prospective writers have to complete several written tests, as well as a customer service training course. We aim for maximum customer satisfaction every time and care genuinely about retaining our 95% favorable rating from our clients, and that's why only the very best will do.

How Should I Choose My Custom Paper Writer?

Every one of our writers comes with their specializations, and while they are all highly flexible, they'll have fields of study and expertise in which they excel. We always advise our clients to pay close attention to the work history, ratings and top-rated subject of the writers in our catalog, as this will help them choose their perfect match. For example, if you needed an essay writing service in Australia for a paper on the Russian Revolution, it would make sense to select a writer whose top-rated subject was 20th-century history, and so on. By following this simple advice, you'll end up with a winning essay which will make you thoroughly happy about your choice to go with EssayPro Australia.

Why Should I Trust Your Writers?

Trust is a crucial factor when it comes to choosing an academic paper writer to take on your written work, and we thoroughly understand this. It’s for this reason that we are so selective when it comes to employing writers; not only must they have the education level and experience necessary, they also must be able to prove their flexibility and diversity time and time again. In short, every one of our writers is a master of their field, and if they weren’t, they wouldn’t be working for us. We strive to provide a service which will not only please you; it will also result in papers destined to delight your professors and course tutors. It can just come about as a result of decades of experience, and the passion for excellence and precision we seek in our writing team.

Do You Offer Other Types of Academic Help?

There are several paper writing services in Australia offering custom essay writing, but we are one of the few which will also happily assist with all your proofreading and editing needs, too. Because our writers have reached Ph.D. levels of academia, they're more than familiar with the need for precision, accuracy and a fresh pair of eyes before submitting a paper. They'll be able to ensure your essay, dissertation, thesis or coursework project is error-free and maintains a natural, academic flow from start to finish. Furthermore, they will communicate with you every step of the way, and you'll be delighted at how approachable and understanding they all are. Whether you need a whole essay is written from scratch, or merely a grammar and structure check, EssayPro is the Australian paper writing service for you.

Can Your Writers Assist With Successful College Applications?

As we all know, all new college students have to deal with the college app. Our workers also had to send in their documents and eagerly await replies. Throughout their days they have learned some of the best tips and tricks to surprise and excite admission officers, a resource that no other competing students have! Whether it is forming a high “About Me” opening essay or knowing exactly what parts of a student's career to exemplify, you will no longer have to worry about the quality of your application. What are you waiting? Talk to an expert today!

Applying for college and university places in Australia can be a real headache. Luckily for you, all of our writers have had to go through this same process, often multiple times! As such, they've got the experience you need to put together a killer college application, which is going to set the admission officers' imaginations alight. Whether you need help with that tricky ‘About Me' section or want assistance polishing up the application as a whole, we have what it takes to help you succeed. Get in touch today, and see how an expert can help you!

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